Dining Out Around Saussignac

L'Imparfait - Bergerac Centre

Intimate restaurant in Bergerac with a welcoming atmosphere and excellent food. It has an upper floor which is cosy in the winter and very hot in the summer! Something to bear in mind when making a reservation. Certainly one of our favourites with the set menu being very good value for money.

05 53 57 47 92 www.imparfait.com

La Poissonnerie - Bergerac Centre

Lively bar mainly for younger generations but as usual in France you often see all ages present. Loud music at the weekend with a friendly atmosphere. Good choice of beverages and just as acceptable to go in for a coffee after 11pm.

05 53 74 14 46 www.perimouv.net/lieux

Le Windsor Nightclub - Outskirts of Bergerac

10 minutes drive away from the gite. Although Le Windsor is known as a nightclub, it really is a place you can go with the whole family, if you so wish. It has 4 different dance areas aimed at different generations. Club Retro is recommended for 60-80 year olds, Club Ambiance is 80's music and Club Actuel and Techno is electronic and techno music for younger people. It also has a pub with pool tables, an arcade machine area and cafeteria with karaoke.

05 53 23 64 00 www.lewindsor.fr

La Treille - Overlooking the river in Bergerac

Although this restaurant/bar overlooks the river making it quite scenic, it does have a road and car park in between. There is plenty of outside seating making it a nice place to go for a drink. We have eaten here a few times and would describe it as average, more suitable for lunchtime cuisine. They also have a small children's menu.

05 53 57 60 11

La Tour des Vents - Monbazillac

A restaurant known for its fabulous cuisine and stunning views. In the summer there is a large terrace which overlooks the surrounding vineyards, but if you prefer a table inside they have made the most of the panoramic views with floor to ceiling windows. The menu is similar to L'Imparfait, but slightly richer. The situation of this restaurant up on the hill, makes for a very special occasion and again the set menus are excellent value for money.

05 53 58 30 10 www.tourdesvents.com

Le Beau Zinc - Sainte Foy La Grande

A friendly and lively bar/pub which is very welcoming to children. They have a bar menu which ranges from tapas, kangaroo steaks and Mexican to an omelette and fries. Good value for money bar food. They have a seating area for food at the back of the bar and an outside seating area at the front. Live music is also very often played of a weekend throughout the summer months.

05 57 46 47 69

Au Fils de L'Eau - Sainte Foy La Grande

A pretty restaurant on the edge of the Dordogne river. They have an outside covered terrace, but would advise you to pre-book this as it's very popular. Again, the set menu represents excellent value for money.

05 53 24 72 60

Le Bamboo - Sainte Foy La Grande

This is a new restaurant to the area serving excellent Vietnamese cuisine. The ingredients are all fresh and the seafood dishes are highly recommended. Very friendly owner.

05 57 46 22 67

Le Lion d'Or - Saussignac

This restaurant is right in the heart of Saussignac and has a lovely feel to it. In the summer, the tables are set outside underneath the vine covered terrace. The couple who run it are very friendly and the food is delicious. The set menu is excellent value and even the À la carte menu is very reasonable. Living just around the corner ourselves, it's great to have Le Lion d'Or on our doorstep!

05 53 24 72 30

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